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Working with your Crystal

We are often asked the best way to work with crystals. The answer is with an open heart and with respect.

Stones are keyed to certain vibrational frequencies, inherent in their crystalline structure. They do their thing, sending their loving, protective, healing properties into the world, wherever they are. You can think of it sort of like a radio. The crystal acts like a radio dial, helping us to focus our energy, or the ambient energy around us, to a specific frequency. So, simply by placing an amethyst cave or rose quartz flame in your living area, you’ll help shift the energy in that place to a more loving, harmonious vibration. Kind of like playing music. It’s humming away in the background.

But there is immense power in intention. And there is immense power in working intentionally with your crystals.

First, say hello!

Sometimes I do this almost literally. I’ll pick up a crystal and (usually in my mind but sometimes aloud) I’ll say: “Hi, my name is Sage. I think you’re beautiful.”  Of course, if you’re not a crazy crystal lady, or if you’re self-conscious about talking out loud to a rock, you can also just take a moment to center, consciously open your heart and spirit and reach out to the crystal.

Show Some Respect

We hold deep the belief that rocks, stones, and crystals are ancient, sentient beings, with a divine purpose of their own. Their spirits are huge, expansive and inclusive, and they are, happily for us, inclined to lend their energy and support to our best endeavors. We are both humbled and empowered by their wisdom and generosity. In this spirit, we greet them and approach our work with them respectfully. Aligned with this belief, we do not ‘program’ crystals, we seek to ally or partner with them in our work, asking for their support.

Working with Your Crystal

There are literally a bazillion ways to do this. Right now, we’re going to discuss a pretty casual approach to working with the stones. In later articles, we’ll discuss how to care for them and how to get to know them more deeply.

Quick and Easy 

The best first step, always, is to center and take at least a moment to connect energetically with the stone. Setting intention can be as easy as greeting your stone and asking for help:

“Hi, I’m Sage. I’m having a difficult time with xxxxx. Will you partner with me and support me in this work?” 

“Hi beauty; I’m feeling a bit attacked lately. Please help protect me from harmful and hurtful energies.” 

When you open your energetic field, name your intent, and send that desire to your crystal, you will find it responds with more focused energy and support. Remember that radio analogy? When you name your intention, you help the stone ‘dial in’ and focus its energy more closely. The more you consciously connect with your crystal, the more finely tuned it will become to your own energy, creating a more powerful, synergistic partnership.

Keep in Touch

The crystals love attention. Keep them where you can see them, touch them, talk to them.

If you want to keep a certain crystal (or two) with you throughout the day, crystal jewelry is a great way to keep the energy flowing between you and the stones. It adds intimacy and intensity to the energetic connection. A lot of people choose small, polished stones to wear in their bra to create the same type of connection. But sometimes jewelry and bra buddies are not an option. Don’t worry, you can carry your crystal(s) in your pocket or purse; this keeps them within your personal auric field and, so long as you touch them or mentally connect with them when you see them, you’ll find pocket and purse stones are very potent. 

If you want to create a certain ambiance or shift the energy in a room, workspace, or your home, choose a place where you will see the crystal, and where its energy can radiate into or through your space. It is generally believed that the larger the crystal, the larger its field of influence. But it’s not always feasible to put a huge druzy cave or black tourmaline boulder in the middle of your cubicle. Don’t worry. We’re working with energy here. Energy expands. Like a tiny drop of water in a pond, the stone’s energy ripples ever outward. More important than the size of the crystal is the energy you build through your relationship with it.

So, wherever you place your crystals, nurture your connection and relationship by looking at them, appreciating their beauty, greeting them, and bringing to mind your intention. Touching and petting them can also strengthen the connection. Everything you do to build your connection to the stone feeds and amplifies the crystal’s energy.

Does this mean I shouldn’t put rocks under my pillow?

Absolutely not! Just make sure to give them a pet or two before you go to sleep – and maybe say ‘thank you’ in the morning.

Remember, rock energy just hums along. Crystals will do their thing, regardless of where and how you connect with them. But when you intentionally invest yourself in the relationship, the benefits can be far more profound.



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Thank you for this wonderful article. I have ordered several items from you store and I am touched by the care in the packaging as well as the item itself.
Thank you again, your work is so important.



Love the store & I love that you publish information about all of the items in the store.

Maureen Osullivan


Thank you for the reinforcement of loving my crystals. Just awesome reading.
Peace and blessed be.

Patty Hoffert


I really enjoy this article, I talk to my crystal’s all the time . Is it true if you believe your crystal has something bad attached to it you can bury in the dirt for awhile and that will help cleanse it.

Shirley Hudson


Thank you for sharing this with me, it was very helpful, I needed to learn ❤

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